Vilnius Summer School 2017

"Vilnius Summer School was a fantastic experience. As an MA Strategic Studies student from Britain, I gained invaluable experience in area an interesting part of the world and international relations. The lecturers were diverse, mixing representatives of academic, military, and political backgrounds. It was a great experience to meet a group of like-minded fellow students who I hope to keep in touch with. The organisers were incredibly professional and had a passion for what they were doing. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested."

- Adam Gavin, UK


"If you ask me what I've got from my volunteering at Vilnius Summer School I could tell You those clichè words: wonderful time, valuable experience and new friends. And that is absolutely true! But the thing is, that this project and my opportunity to participate let me grow stronger as a person. The experience I've got was not only from the educational and organisational perspective. It helped me to understand how to dream bigger and do better. How to value time and new friendships. I had a lot of personal fears and doubts before the project but as soon as it ended I understood that it will be my best summer memory."

- Greta Senavaitytė, Lithuania


"Great way to learn more about the complex security situation in Eastern Europe and meet interesting/fun people from all over the world!"

- Rikke Ponger, the Netherlands


"Had a great week learning from academics, government representatives and military officials about the security situation in Lithuania and the Baltic Sea region with an awesome group of study colleagues! Rare chance to interact with people who have first hand knowledge and insights about dealing with the complex political and security situation in the region!"

- Sanna Tukiainen, Finland